Hello! I’m Scott Harris, a seasoned Architectural Photographer with over 14 years of experience in capturing the beauty and intricacy of architectural spaces. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography with a specialization in Architectural Photography from The Art Institutes, I've honed my craft to become a leading voice in the world of real estate and architectural imagery.

Currently, I am proud to work with CoStar Group, the premier provider of commercial real estate information, analytics, and online marketplaces. Here, I leverage my expert skills in digital photography and Adobe Photoshop to produce high-quality images that highlight the unique features and value of properties nationwide. My freelance ventures further my passion, offering services that range from Behind the Scenes Photography to Product Photography.

During my tenure at Capitol Photography, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of various cities, including Philadelphia's vibrant urban landscape, Nashville's iconic music scene, Orlando's magical attractions, and Chicago's architectural marvels. This experience broadened my perspective and enriched my portfolio, enabling me to showcase the unique charm of each location through my lens.

I am not only committed to excellence in photography but also in continuing education and innovation within my field. I hold a FAA Part 107 drone certification, which expands my capability to capture stunning aerial photographs and videos. At CoStar, I specialize in drone video work, documenting neighborhoods as part of a marketing initiative for Homes.com. This endeavor aims to provide valuable insights to potential homebuyers about their desired living areas. I collaborate on photography and videography projects for various real estate listings, encompassing both residential and commercial properties across a multitude of projects annually.

Outside of photography, I find joy in life's simple pleasures and intellectual stimulations. Whether I’m biking, engaging in a spirited board game, exploring new films, or savoring a good cup of coffee, I always find time to enjoy what life offers. At home, I'm often found playing with my cats, Pixel and Vector, or diving into the latest video game.

My core competencies—creativity, attention to detail, and visual storytelling—are not just skills but passions that drive every project I undertake. I am eager to bring these passions to your next project, ensuring we capture the very essence of your vision.
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